We are computer science enthusiasts currently working on a game called Battle League. We  use the Unity Game engine to make my games. So far we have developed 7 games which are all available for free on itch.io and also have developed an android game called Apple Catch Pro. Before we started out with unity, We used to develop systems using Arduino which was used to develop things like fire alarms and soil moisture sensors. In the past, I have also developed a self-driving car that could steer detect obstacles and change its speed.

Some of the programming languages I know are HTML, C,CSS  and C#.



We make games which are for all age groups. The games we make have quality content in them. The games don't have violence. Some of the games we make are completely free. Everyone loves fun mechanics so we always try to give fun and creative mechanics to play around with.

The games have high-quality content to play with. Even some of the games we make are based on strategy and timing. We always try to bring quality content to the table and if you guys wanna give us some feedback plz give it through the contacts tab by simply typing your message and Gmail.



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Call us on: +91 9545837222 or Gmail:minecraftroxx12@gmail.com

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